Literature – Creative Writing

Φωτογραφία: Dear students,Σεμινάρια Δημιουργικής Γραφής με τη συνάδελφο Κ. Μέμη Κατσώνη.It’s time to have this year’s seminars on Creative Writing. We will soon announce the exact schedule of our lessons. Meanwhile you can enjoy last year’s work:April-May 2013 Flash Fiction 1st Seminar: 2013 Flash Fiction 2nd seminar: 2013 Flash Fiction 3rd Seminar:

Dear Students,

Ms Memi Katsoni is in charge of the Literature Courses and Creative Writing Seminars in our language school. In the links below you can enjoy some samples of the work of our Literature – Creative Writing Club:

April-May 2013 Flash Fiction 1st Seminar

April-May 2013 Flash Fiction 2nd Seminar

April-May 2013 Flash Fiction 3rd Seminar



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