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Dear students,

We strongly recommend the following film (FLIPPED) both for your enjoyment and for the language benefit you can have. In order to make your watching it even more fruitful we have prepared a set of questions that you may answer while watching. Please, do not hesitate to ‘post’ your replies (either through the BLOG or through FACEBOOK) and you will have them corrected.


The second-grader Bryce moves into Julianna’s neighbourhood. From the very first moment they look at each other there seems to be some weird attraction between them but it will take long until they clear out how they really feel.  The story is simultaneously narrated from both (Bryce’s and Julianna’s) points of view. This ‘double’ narration gives us a unique insight into the characters and makes the plot less predictable.

Comprehension Question: Flipped Review Questions

Watch the trailer.