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A/ COMPANION for the vocabulary of the TEXTS of the 10 Units of Honors

01a Honors Unit 1a PEER PRESSURE  , Online Flashcards for Unit 1a

01b Honors Unit 1b THE CONCEPT OF BEAUTY  , Online Flashcards for Unit 1b

02a Honors Unit 2a SPORTS – THE ZONE  ,  Online Flashcards for Unit 2a

02b Honors Unit 2b SPORTS – THE BODYSUIT  ,  Online Flashcards for Unit 2b

03a Honors Unit 3a GENETICS – DNA Profiling  ,  Online Flashcards for Unit 3a

03b Honors Unit 3b GENETICS – The Frozen Ark  ,  Online Flashcards for Unit 3b

04a Honors Unit 4a BIOMIMICRY – Geckos  ,  Online Flashcards for Unit 4a

04b Honors Unit 4b EVOLUTION – Moths  ,  Online Flashcards for Unit 4b

05a Honors Unit 5a TECHNOLOGY – The Smart Pen  ,  Online Flashcards for Unit 5a

05b Honors Unit 5b ROBOTICS – Exoskeleton  , Online Flashcards for Unit 5b

06a Honors Unit 6a NEUROSCIENCE – Mental Lexicon  ,  Online Flashcards for Unit 6a

06b Honors Unit 6b NEUROSCIENCE – Prodigious Savants  ,  Online Flashcards for Unit 6b

07a Honors Unit 7a ARCHITECTURE – City problems – Ultima Tower  , Online Flashcards for Unit 7a

07b Honors Unit 7b ARCHITECTURE – Minimalism  ,  Online Flashcards for Unit 7b

08a Honors Unit 8a ENVIRONMENT – Lightning Ball   ,  Online Flashcards for Unit 8a

08b Honors Unit 8b ENVIRONMENT – Biofuels  ,  Online Flashcards for Unit 8b

09a Honors Unit 9a NEUROSCIENCE – Bionic brain  , Online Flashcards for Unit 9a

09b Honors Unit 9b MEDICINE – Laughter  ,  Online Flashcards for Unit 9b

10a Honors Unit 10a TECHNOLOGY – Space exploration – Mars 500  ,  Online Flashcards for Unit 10a

10b Honors Unit 10b TECHNOLOGY – Virtual reality  , Online Flashcards for Unit 10b



B/ Extra support material for Honors.

The following links provide some support material for certain units of ECPE HONORS.

There’s one Video related to the topic of the Unit accompanied by a Worksheet. The worksheet is available both in PDF and WORD format.

The purpose of such presentations is to trigger the students’ interest on the topic and thus generate a discussion. The invaluable by-product of this procedure is that the students become CREATIVELY INVOLVED with KEY concepts and their corresponding vocabulary .

The students are expected to WRITE a summary of the Video based on the Worksheet and present it orally next time in class.

Honors – Unit 4:


Honors – Unit 5:




  • Video Link for Unit 5  Workbook exercise: Flying Cars


Honors – Unit 6:


Honors – Unit 9:


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