CLIL 01 – British History

Dear students,

Here you can find some of the material that we use in the British History elective course.

01. Lesson 01. British History Pre-Celtic Britain (Link to the Stonehenge Video)

02. Lesson 02. The Celts ( PDF timeline till Romans)

03. Lesson 03. The Romans in Britain ( Link to Roman daily life in Britain -animation)

04. Lesson 04. The Anglo-Saxons ( Brief animated illustration of the Anglo-Saxon invasion/migration to Britain)

05. Lesson 05. Christianity in Britain

06. Lesson 06. The Vikings (Link to a brief animated description of the Viking Age 8th – 11th century)

07. Lesson 07. The Normans (Link to the Bayeux tapestry animated, Link to a 10′ minute introduction to the Norman conquest and its impact)

08. Lesson 08. The Hundred Years War (Link to interactive map, Link to Joan Arc’s biography)


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