Companion for Full Blast 4

1a SN Sites, Flashcards unit 1aExtra unit 1a

1b Mobile phonesFlashcards unit 1b

2a Sports for Charity , Flashcards 2a

2b Sherlock Holmes, Flashcards 2b, Extra 2b

3a Gadgets, Flashcards 3a, Extra 3a

3b Supermarket tricks, Flashcards 3b, Extra 3b

4a Education, Flashcards 4a

4b Hip Hop , Flashcards 4b

5a Exploring the Amazon, Flashcards 5a

5b Exploring Morocco, Flashcards 5b

6a Parkour, Flashcards 6a

6b Video games, Flashcards 6b

7a Amazing animals, Flashcards 7a

7b Save the environment, Flashcards 7b

8a Photoshop, Flashcards 8a

8b Installation art, Flashcards 8b