FCE Writing

A/ Πλάνα και Οδηγίες για ΟΛΟΥΣ τους τύπους του FCE Writing FCE Writing Types 01. Πλάνο και Οδηγίες για το Essay WORD                   Essay PDF 02. Πλάνο και Οδηγίες για το Review WORD                Review PDF […]

FCE Speaking

FCE Speaking Part 1: Personal Questions (σε WORD)    FCE Speaking part 1: Personal Questions (PDF) FCE Speaking Part 2: Photographs (σε WORD)   FCE Speaking Part 2: Photographs set A (PDF) (σε WORD)   FCE Speaking Part 2: Photographs Set B (PDF) FCE Speaking Part 3: Problem Solving Activities Test 1 […]

Ημερομηνίες Εξετάσεων Δεκεμβρίου 2016

Cambridge Exams December 2016 PETfs Σάββατο 10/12/16 (85,00) FCEfs Σάββατο 03/12/16 (160,00) CAE Σάββατο 03/12/16 (150,00) CPE Κυριακή 04/12/16 (180,00) Michigan Exams December 2016 ECCE Σάββατο 10/12/16 (?) ECPE Κυριακή 11/12/16 (?) MSU Exams December 2016 CELC Σάββατο 10/12/16 (145,00) CELP Κυριακή 11/12/16 (160,00) ESB Exams December 2016 ESB-B1 Κυριακή 18/12/16 (80,00) ESB-B2 Κυριακή 18/12/16 (145,00) ESB-C1 […]

PDF Presentations

Dear colleagues, The following links feature some PDF presentations on several topics. The purpose of such presentations is to trigger the students’ interest on the topic and thus generate a discussion. The invaluable by-product of this procedure is that the students become CREATIVELY INVOLVED with KEY concepts and their corresponding […]

Online Grammar Games

Online Game: Future Simple – Future Continuous – Be going to – Present Continuous Online Game: Present Perfect Simple – Past Simple Online Game: Present vs. Past vs. Future Tenses Online Game: Gerund vs. Infinitive (Level I – easy) Online Game: Gerund vs. Infinitive (Level II – harder)