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Third (3rd) Lecture on Astronomy

Lecture on Astronomy by by Mr. Aris Dacanalis (MSc in Astronomy and Astrophysics) Life and Death of a Star (see a summary of the talk) Σάββατο 1 Φεβρουαρίου 2014 Ώρα 11:00′ – 12:00′ Έχουμε τη χαρά να σας προσκαλούμε στην τρίτη (3η) Διάλεξη Αστρονομίας για τη σχολική χρονιά 2013-2014.Πρόκειται […]

Lectures on Astronomy

Lectures on Astronomy Διαλέξεις Αστρονομίας Saturday 23 November 2013 [11:00′ – 12:00′] We are more than pleased to announce the opening of a series of lectures on Astronomy. The lecturer is Mr. Aris Dacanalis (MSc in Astronomy and Astrophysics). The first seminar will take place on Saturday 23 […]