Teachers’ support

This page is primarily addressed to the faculty of our school. However, other colleagues or parents may find it handy, too.

Criteria for Composition Correction:

01. Composition Correction for A to E class

02. Composition Correction for B2, C1, C2

See the Grammar syllabus for the following classes:

Beginners: 01 BGN grammar SYLLABUS

Elementary: 02 ELM grammar SYLLABUS

Pre-Intermediate – A1: 03 A1 grammar SYLLABUS

Intermediate-A2: 04 A2 grammar SYLLABUS

Upper Intermediate – B1: 05 B1 grammar SYLLABUS

See the annual pace for the following Coursebooks:

Full Blast 1,2,3: 0a annual PACE Full Blast

Full Blast B1+ :0b annual PACE Blast B1+








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