CPE Model Compositions.


Part 1: Model Essays

(A: tutorial) a Model Answer to a CPE Writing part1 question CPE Part 1-Model Essay and the steps we have to follow to produce a successful answer: CPE Part 1-TIPS on Model Essay

  1. Should we abolish end-of-year written examsPart 1 MODEL Essay on Exams (Grivas pg12)
  2. Should we abolish capital punishment? Part 1 MODEL Essay on Death penalty (Grivas pg 46) Extra work on Vocabulary & Ideas: Video Worksheet on CAPITAL PUNISHMENT, Video Link
  3. Is censorship ever justified? Part 1 MODEL Essay on censorship (Grivas pg 78) Extra work on Vocabulary & Ideas: Vocabulary list & Ideas for debate , Video Worksheet on CENSORSHIP , Video Link

Part 2: Articles , Reviews, Reports, Letters

* ARTICLES. List of topics: LIST of topics for ARTICLES

  1. Informal – Chatty Article: Model of INFORMAL Article on Nature
  2. Neutral Article (a): Model of NEUTRAL Article on Global Communications
  3. Neutral Article (b): Model of NEUTRAL Article on Protection of the Environment

* FILM REVIEWS. List of topics: LIST of topics for film REVIEWS   ,  Useful Vocabulary: Vocabulary for film reviews

  1. Film Review: Model of FILM review
  2. Review of a Place: Review of a Sport Center

* REPORTS. List of topics: LIST of topics for REPORTS

  1. Model Report – sports camp
  2. Model Report – bus service

* LETTERS to the EDITOR. List of topics: List of topics – letters

  1. Model Letter – friendship


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