1. Appellate Court Worksheet Appellate Court
  2. Appellate Court Audio 
  3. The Importance of Representation Worksheet: The Importance of Representation
  4. The Importance or Representation Audio:                                                               
  5. What is Climate Litigation? Worksheet: Climate Litigation  Audio: 
  6. Describe the Holland Case (Climate Litigation) Worksheet: Climate Litigation Audio: 
  7. What is gerrymandering? Give examples to explain how it works. Worksheet: Gerrymandering
  8. What should be done about gerrymandering and why? Worksheet: Gerrymandering       
  9. What pieces of news are covered in this BBC podcast? Worksheet: BBC News 20-04-2018 Audio: 
  10. Driverless Cars and the Law: Worksheet: Driverless Cars and the LawAudio: 
  11. Employment Tribunal Fees : Worksheet: Employment Tribunal Fees                              Audio: 
  12. Acid Attacks : Worksheet : Acid Attacks  Audio: 
  13. No Fault Divorce: Worksheet: No Fault Divorce
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