Get ready to Speak & Write about all the exam topics

Dear students,

In the following lists you can find some handy, concise notes (in the form of bullet points) that cover the most popular topics of all the exams. The notes are accompanied by Exam Questions that follow the format of specific exams (eg. ECCE, IELTS)

Topic: Food & Nutrition

Ideas & Vocabulary for general use:01 Food &Nutrition – Ideas &Vocabulary

ECCE composition topics:01a Food & Nutrition – ECCE Writing

ECCE speaking topics:01b Food & Nutrition – ECCE Speaking

Topic: Education

Ideas & Vocabulary for general use:

ECCE composition topics:02a Education – ECCE Writing

ECCE speaking topics:02b Education – ECCE Speaking

Topic: Environment

Ideas & Vocabulary for general use:03 Environment – Ideas & Vocabulary

ECCE composition topics:03a Environment – ECCE Writing

ECCE speaking topics:03b Environment – ECCE Speaking

Topic: Technology

Ideas & Vocabulary for general use:04 Technology – Ideas & Vocabulary

ECCE composition topics: 04a Technology – ECCE Writing

ECCE speaking topics: 04b Technology – ECCE Speaking

Topic: Jobs

Ideas & Vocabulary for general use:05 Jobs – Ideas & Vocabulary

ECCE composition topics: 05a Jobs – ECCE Writing

ECCE speaking topics: 05b Jobs- ECCE Speaking


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