Video Speaking

01. Worksheet: Too much PRESSURE ON our KIDS, Video Link

02. Worksheet: How to tackle PEER PRESSURE, Video Link

03. Worksheet: How to choose a SAFE PASSWORD, Video Link

04. Worksheet: How to battle ACNE,Video Link

05. Worksheet: BASE JUMPING, Video Link I, Video Link II

06. Worksheet: THE BEATLES, Video Link

07. Worksheet: PICASSO, Video Link

08. Worksheet: JACKIE O, Video Link

09. Worksheet: DEFORESTATION, Video Link

10. Worksheet: INDOOR vs OUTDOOR EXERCISE, Video Link

11. Worksheet: FLOWER POLLINATION, Video Link

12. Worksheet: How to be FRIENDLY to the ENVIRONMENT, Video Link

13. Worksheet: Should we impose a FAT TAX on junk food?, Video Link

14. Worksheet: Should we BAN SMOKING or notVideo Link

15 Worksheet: CAPITAL PUNISHMENT Pros & Cons , Video Link

16. Worksheet: Should TEENAGERS take on a PART-TIME JOB? , Video Link

17. Worksheet: Is CENSORSHIP ever justified? , Video Link

18. Worksheet: Should MUSEUMS be FREE of charge? , Video Link

19. Worksheet: GENE DOPING , Video Link

20. Worksheet: ENVIRONMENTAL PARK , Video Link

21. Worksheet: ECOTOURISM Pros & Cons , Video Link

22. Worksheet: Preparing for EARTHQUAKES , Video Link

23. Worksheet: What makes an INVENTION successful , Video Link

24. Worksheet: ROAD SAFETY Tips , Video Link

25. Worksheet: The importance of COUNTRYSIDE, Video Link

26. Worksheet: Young Generation Misunderstood, Video Link

27. Worksheet: Globalization, Video Link

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