Question 1. What is the use of climbing Mt Everest? (Ben Saunders – Edmund Hillary)

Vocabulary from the excerpt:

not the slightest prospect, gain, high altitude, medical men, aviation, nothing will come out of it, not a single bit, gem, raise food, the challenge of , the struggle upward, sheer joy

Question 2. What were the difficulties and dangers of what Diana Nyad wanted to do and what were the reasons for her endeavor?  (Diana Nyad)

Vocabulary from the excerpt:

distant horizon, vast wilderness, predator, jellyfish, venom, current, whirling, eddy, the Gulf Stream, athletic accomplishment, one-way street, float around, timid, bold, at the prime, the Oval office, denigrate, walk around tall

Extreme Sports : PDF Worksheet

Sources:Ben Saunders : Why bother leaving the house?

Diana Nyad: Never, ever give up

Cuba to Florida
Cuba to Florida: 180 km
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