Read the following articles and do the corresponding exercises.

05. Fitness

05 Link to the article  Read the article and do the  Worksheet: Fitness for all

04. Poverty

04 Link to the Article or PDF – Exercise 04

04. Presentation Question: Read the following article on the causes of poverty and prepare to talk about three of them

03. Top 15 Reasons why Friends are Important

03 Link to the article or PDFExercise 03

02. Six Reasons to Get a Hobby

02. Link to the article or PDF Exercise 02

01. Four Secrets of Success

01.Link to the article or  PDF – Exercise o1

01. Presentation Question:  What are some more secrets of success (Source 1:Ted Talk)  and what obstacles might hold us back from fulfilling our dreams? (Source 2: Article A)

Source 1

Source 2: Go to the Article A Link or Read the PDF file.

CAE Essay Writing

CAE Essay Writing 1    –    Source Text A  – Source Text B



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