Question 1: What was Dr. Steward and the statistician George Kneale’s model of collaboration?

Vocabulary from the excerpt:

outgoing, sociable, a recluse, empathetic, working relationship, seek-sought, disconfirmation, crunch the data, disprove, echo chamber, collaborator

Question 2. What does this kind of constructive conflict require?

Vocabulary from the excerpt:

neurobiological, drive(n), seek out, discipline, engage with sb, commit sth, go head-to-head with sb

Question 3 . How can we develop these skills?

Vocabulary from the excerpt:

submit, statement, be willing and able, stand up to, far too few, way too late, catastrophe, witness (v), be out there, handle a conflict, provoke, break the silence, the truth will set you free, moral courage.

Critical Thinking : PDF Worksheet

Source: Margaret Heffernan: Dare to disagree

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