Question 1. What are the characteristics of our education system?  

Vocabulary from the excerpt:

hierarchy, the Humanities, be given a higher status, did I miss a meeting?, from the waist up, output, so, there! , hold sb as, the high-water mark, human achievement, out of affection, disembodied, in a literal sense, look upon

Question 2. How was out education system created and why is it no longer adequate?

Vocabulary from the excerpt:

academic ability, come into being, meet the needs, industrialism, be rooted, be steered away, benignly, on the grounds that, profoundly, be engulfed in, it has come to dominate, in their image, protracted, university entrance, highly-talented, stigmatized, demography, MA, BA, PhD, inflation, shift beneath our feet

The Education System: PDF Worksheet

Source: Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?

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